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                  Residential Experience
                  Residential Experience

                  Office of Residential Experience

                  The Residential Life Team (Res Life) oversees the experience of living on campus. The team also aids in the community and student development, crisis intervention, house/residence programming, and support in day-to-day community challenges. We have 5 Residential Life Coordinators and 24 Resident Associates living throughout Caltech's houses and residences.
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                  The Faculty in Residence (FIR) Team establishes an academic life and culture in the residences of Bechtel and Avery House, living alongside the undergraduate students. This helps students form strong connections throughout the residences and is an integral step in becoming an academic and community leader. FIRs bridge the classroom experience by hosting regular conversations over dinner and develop specialized academic programing, which can include: extracurricular activities, tours and excursions, cooperative community service projects, special events, and guest speaker programs.
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